Gavin Cohn

Gift Your Purpose

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What is your measure of success? I grew up spending most of my time being creative if not with my hands it was spent pushing weights in the gym, playing sports and enjoying music.

Creativity kept me healthy! It provided a platform for the personal achievements.

Those achievements included the foundation established during my teenage years with countless hours spent in the gym, sculpting and toning my body with every intention of becoming a professional athlete.

The trophies went into the cupboard and the lesson learnt behind the scenes at the health clubs instilled a work ethic I carry through to this day.

20 years + later I have successfully owned and operated in excess of 10 of my own facilities, consulted to in excess of 500 boutique health and wellness businesses across all vertical of the market, built 3 homes from scratch and created employment for in excess of 70 individuals 

Covid-19 brought about changes and reflections. The workaholic in me is something difficult to contend, however finding simplicity in the complexity is what i strive to achieve creating workable solutions allowing people to live well, balancing work and health.